Chili Feed Reminder

Chili Feed is Coming!!

Sunday, January 31st, right after the second service, the Troop will have it’s fourth annual Chili Feed Fundraiser. We need all hands on deck to make this possible. Please help us out in the following areas.


Please help the Troop get the word out. Let all of your friends know. Invite Grandma, teachers, neighbors, etc. The more people we have, the bigger the rewards.


Each patrol should be preparing about 5 gallons (1 large roaster pan) of chili. The boys should have chosen recipes, chosen who will buy supplies and picked a spot to cook. That being said, these are boys, so they may need a little guidance. Please ask your son when and where they are cooking. If he doesn’t know, have him contact his Patrol Leader ASAP. The church does have a couple of roasting pans. If you need one let Kristin know. Also, the Troop will reimburse the shoppers for the cost of the Chili ingredients if requested. The chili needs to be to the church by 9:45 A.M. Sunday morning. The church service will start at 10:30 A.M. and we need to be set up so we do not disturb the service more than necessary.

In addition to the Chili, each patrol should decorate a box / jar in which to collect their tokens. Each customer will be given a token to vote for the best chili.


Once again the adults in the Troop will be competing for the title of “Dessert Maker of the Year.” Bring a pan of your specialty and you could win! We are asking each family to bring in a dessert to go with the chili.


Please sign up to bring an item or volunteer your time. There are still a lot of spots open and the Troop really needs volunteers to help!!

If you signed up to donate items, please bring them to the church by 10:30 A.M. Sunday morning. Please contact Kristin Daubendiek with any questions.

Scout Sunday

This Sunday (January 31) Living Faith is celebrating Scout Sunday. This is a special worship service where we celebrate the connection between Living Faith and Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts! The Scouts will be participating in Worship in lots of ways. As the largest unit charted by the church, Troop 405 will be taking the lead in planning and presenting this event. We hope that all Troop members will be able to attend in uniform. We ask that Scouts arrive at 10:00 A.M. to prepare. The service will begin at 10:30 and the chili feed follows.

Participate in Worship

Living Faith would like to see the Scouts involved in the worship service. We are looking for Scouts who would be willing to participate in one of the following ways:

  • Opening Prayer (you can write one, or I will write it for you).
  • Participate in a flag ceremony with Cub Scouts.
  • Lead the Call to worship (already written for you).
  • Participate in a responsive reading. (Short, easy to read parts such as “A scout is trustworthy).
  • Say the benediction.
  • If you play an instrument and would like to play the prelude music.

Please contact Mr. Earhart if you are interested.

Chili Feed

Hopefully your son has already started bringing home information about this part of the event. Mrs. Daubendiek will be sending out an email reminder of all of the information. Each patrol will be preparing a roasting pan full of chili to serve. In addition, we are asking adults to provide desserts. There is a fierce competition for the bragging rights associated with winning either the chili or dessert competition. As I said, more information will be coming out in an email, but your Scout should know when and where they are cooking the chili. Email Mrs. Daubendiek with questions.

Invite your friends!

Please don’t forget this is a fund-raiser for the Troop! We would like to have as many people as possible come and enjoy both the service and/or the chili feed. Please let your friends know. Invite neighbors, coworkers, random people in the street! The Troop Facebook page has an ad that you can post on your own social media. Let’s fill the room with happy chili eaters!

Scout Sunday

On January 31st, Living Faith United Methodist will be celebrating Scout Sunday. This is a day set aside to recognize the value that Living Faith places on Scouting at all levels.

During the 10:30 A.M. service we will be asking Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts to participate in the worship service. We invite all Troop families to come celebrate with us that morning. In addition, there will be plenty of ways that your son can get involved with the service.


We will be looking for two musicians to play. One would play during the prelude (before service, the song we used to tell people it’s time to get started). The other would play during the offering. We have a keyboard or if you play something else, bring it along!

Flag Ceremony

We will start service with a flag ceremony. You may be helping cub scouts with this.


You would be opening the service with prayer. I can provide a script, or you can write one.

Responsive Reading

We could use up to twelve scouts to lead the responsive reading. Each Scout would read a portion of the scout law: “A Scout is trustworthy,” “A Scout is Loyal,” etc. Then the congregation would read a scripture about that point.

Children’s Message

We could use a really brave Scout who would be interested in giving a 3 – 5 minute children’s talk. Mr. Earhart can help come up with some ideas for the lesson.


These would be Scouts who would greet people at the door before service.


These would be the people who would hand out bulletins before the service and pass the basket during the offering.


A Scout will read the benediction at the end of the service. Mr. Earhart can provide a script or the Scout can write their own.

Please consider stepping up and volunteering for one of these spots. This is a great way to show the church how valuable Scouting is and maintaining the partnership we have. Contact Mr. Earhart at to volunteer!

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